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NEEDS LGBTIQ Support Clinic

Services - Healthcare Services

NEEDS LGBTIQ Support Clinic

The aim of the NEEDS clinic is to support LGBTQ communities by providing them with high quality care across our entire healthcare system, in a discrimination free, safe, personalized, culturally responsive and respectful environment. Asiri Central Hospital is gratified in its role of offering access to equitable care and guidance for LGBTQ people.

The issues experienced by LGBTQ communities include, but are not limited to,

  • Limited access to timely, preventive health care services
  • Systemic discrimination and/or homophobia and trans-phobia when services are sought
  • Lack of knowledgeable personnel, competent in LGBTQ health issues
  • Compared to their cs-gender and heterosexual peers, higher risk of,
    • Mental health issues
    • Certain cancers
    • HIV and STDs2

The NEEDS Clinic services include,

  1. Transgender services
    • Psychiatric assessment and counselling service
    • Surgery
    • Hormone treatment therapy
    • Cosmetic procedures
  2. Public services
    • Counselling and treatment for STI
    • HIV testing and counselling
    • Treatment for sexual disfunction
    • Sexual health services
  3. Other Services
    • Free awareness program with Venereologists
    • Providing information, education and communication

Location: 5th floor, Asiri Central Hospital

Time: 8am - 5pm (Monday to Friday)

Hotline: 0760 858 447

E Mail:

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