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Hydrotherapy pool

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Hydrotherapy pool

Hydrotherapy is a very effective form of physical therapy and therapeutic exercises that can be progressed safely using the resistance of water to strengthen the muscles and improve stability. 

It promotes safer, faster rehabilitation and is a genuine source of comfort for patients. 

The Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Programme at Asiri Central is a patient specific, water-based exercise schedule – which considers patient needs and how to efficiently achieve recovery targets – is designed by a qualified physiotherapist to assist in a patient’s rehabilitation. The treatment sessions use a variety of buoyancy devices such as floats and paddles in our hydrotherapy pool. 

All exercise plans are recorded for future reference and to monitor progress. Patients are reassessed after every 6 sessions and the decision to continue/alter/discharge is made. Patient development is closely monitored, and the Primary Consultant is updated on progress, and when necessary, the patient is referred back for further investigation. 

Our hydrotherapy pool is the first and largest warm water pool in the Sri Lankan private health sector and is equipped to offer a full range of facilities.  The pools allow patients more buoyancy, freer movement, less impact on injuries and pain relief, as well as being a fun way to exercise. The water's buoyancy and warm temperature create an environment that defies gravity, relaxes muscle spasms and reduces swelling, allowing patients to do more than if they were on land - eliminating gravity has its benefits in reducing pain and loading on the body. The reduced weight bearing means we can place patients in the water very early after surgery, thus avoiding the effects of muscle deconditioning.

The Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Programme is available as an outpatient service. 

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