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Radiation Therapy

Health Care Services

Radiation Therapy

Asiri AOI is equipped with a new generation Radiation Therapy Linear Accelerator, the most advanced in Sri Lanka and amongst a few in South Asia. It is the only such machine in the country.

The TrueBeam STX LINAC , one of the most advanced radiation oncology treatment machines, uses a patented High-Intensity Mode that delivers dose rates which are faster than other machines. The True Beam Technology ensures pinpoint accuracy of treatment, adjusting to the size and placement of a tumour even while a patient is breathing.

This advanced technology supports the treatment of tumours in hard-to-reach places, even tumours which surgery may not be able to address, with minimum, if any collateral damage to surrounding healthy organs. The high dose rate means shorter treatment times to deliver the same dose.

Accuracy, speed, and comfort are key benefits to patients.

At Asiri AOI we have had high success rates treating oral, prostate, skin, gastrointestinal and lung cancers. Also gynecologic cancers that includes ovarian, cervical and breast cancer. We have also been able to give many children their childhood back, through very effective use of this superior technology.

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