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PET CT Scanner

Health Care Services

PET CT Scanner

Positron Emission Tomography and Computed Tomography (PET-CT) Scans

Asiri AOI is the only facility in the local private sector with the facility to perform PET-CT scans and we offer an uninterrupted service throughout the year.
A PET-CT scan is used to detect cancer and identify the stage it is at. Cancer Stage describes how far the cancer has spread locally and distally. Knowing the correct stage of the patient’s cancer will help to predict the right treatment.

Traditional imaging, CT alone or MRI give mainly structural details of the organ, but a combined PET-CT gives function and anatomical imaging. The PET component detects changes in the cellular function, such as how cells are using glucose. In many cases, a PET-CT scan can distinguish between benign and malignant tumors and provides the information required to make an accurate diagnosis. Cancer cells have a higher metabolic rate than noncancerous cells. Because of this high level of radioactive activity, cancer cells show up as bright spots on PET-CT scans, making these scans more useful for detecting cancer.

The Discovery 600 PET-CT Asiri AOI’s PET-CT combines the power of two imaging technologies and helps physicians account for variations in tumour size, shape and location and even allows physicians to account for allowances when patients move or breathe.

A PET-CT scan can be used,

  • Prior to starting cancer treatment (including surgery), to correctly stage the disease and choose the best treatment option.
  • During treatment or immediately after completing the cancer treatment to ensure the treatment is effectively destroying the cancer within the patient.
  • After treatment, during the follow up, to detect recurrences early, so a patient can be offered appropriate treatment.

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