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Accident & Emergency

Services - Healthcare Services

Accident & Emergency

Emergency Unit

An Emergency Department (ED), also known as Accident & Emergency (A&E) or Emergency Treatment Unit (ETU) is a medical treatment facility that specialises in the acute care of patients who arrive without prior appointment, either by their own means or by ambulance. In such circumstances the department must be prepared to provide initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and require immediate attention.

If you happen to require the services of an emergency department then no doubt your first thought will be about the efficiency and professionalism of the unit – because in an emergency, every second counts and every decision has potentially life-changing consequences.

At Asiri we understand your concerns only too well. Our 24-hour Emergency Treatment Unit (ETU) is equipped with the latest technology, and is manned by skilled staff and medical professionals, including surgeons and anaesthetists. The ETU is well equipped to handle any type of medical or surgical emergency, including the care of trauma patients.

We are almost par with a Level 1 Emergency Department as defined by the Ministry of Health, of Sri Lanka. We provide consultant-led around-the-clock service with full resuscitation facilities and designated accommodation for the reception of accident and emergency patients.

How Asiri Emergency operates

  • On arrival the patient is assessed and referred to a doctor at the ETU.
  • Acute trauma patients are transferred to a sterile dressing area.
  • Patients in need of other procedures such as antibiotic administration, catheter changes or NG tube insertions are transferred to the required station.
  • After the initial management of patients who require cardiac procedures/ care or intensive care, they are transferred to the relevant unit or ward for further care.
  • Multi-parameter monitoring (including monitoring while on transfer) is possible at this unit which is geared to handle a vast variety of trauma conditions.
  • The patients who come to the ETU and require emergency management for heart attack or stroke will be treated in our fully fledged catheterization laboratories.

What sets us apart

Take a look at the treatment and services we offer to ensure that your stay with us is a restful, healthful experience. You’ll see that we really do offer you a better experience all round.

Our treatment and services

  • Triage system
  • 2 doctors at any given time
  • 24-hour services
  • The treatment of any medical emergency except for burns and psychological conditions

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