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The Asiri School of Nursing conducts a three-year General Nursing Education course in English. The syllabus follows government specifications for nursing education. Since 1986, 42 batches of students have graduated from the Asiri School of Nursing and the present Chief Nursing Officers who head the nursing departments of all three hospitals in Colombo, are the proud products of our school.

The school aims to train and develop young, talented individuals for future nursing positions within the Group. It focuses on building and enhancing the skills, attitudes and behaviours that are essential for the professional growth and development of nursing professionals at the Asiri Group of Hospitals.

Nursing Convocation

The Nursing Convocation is organised annually at the BMICH. Members of the Asiri Group Hospitals senior management team, senior nursing administration team, tutorial staff, family members of the graduates and fellow students attend this prestigious event.

Dr. Manjula Karunaratne, Group Chief Executive Officer, attends as the Chief Guest and the graduate nurses recite the Nightingale Oath upon receiving the cap from the tutorial staff. The commencement of their nursing career is celebrated in a ceremonious manner making it a moment to be cherished.

Diploma of Nursing (NVQ 6)

The Nursing Diploma offered by AAHS is a comprehensive three-year programme where students follow the NVQ level 6 Nursing curriculum approved by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) and National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA). The course, which is conducted in English, comprises structured learning modules coupled with mandatory practical training over the course of the three years to provide students with the skills, behaviours and attitudes needed to be a fully fledged general nurse.

In the first year, students learn about the Main Principles of Nursing along with mandatory practical training on the fundamentals of nursing. The 2nd and 3rd year of the programme focus on more advanced nursing procedures through clinical and practical training on certain key disciplines such as surgical and EMT, psychiatric nursing, palliative care, obstetrics and gynaecology and paediatric nursing. AIEI being part of the largest private healthcare provider in the Country, nursing students benefit from practical exposure at one or more of the Asiri Health hospitals.

Program Details

As per the NVQ Operation Manual, minimum no. of credits required for NVQ level 06 is 120. One credit is equal to 25 notional hours.

List of Modules

No. Name of Module No. of credits
1 Fundamentals of Nursing 60
2 Ward Management 2
3 Information Technology 2
4 First Aid 2
5 Pediatric 12
6 Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing 12
7 Medical & Surgical Nursing 42
8 Geriatric Care 5
9 Pharmacology II 2
10 Research in Nursing 2
11 Microbiology 2
12 Community Health 3
13 Psychology 2
14 Sociology 1
15 Nutrition 3
16 Pathology 1
17 Psychiatric Nursing 3
18 Anatomy and Physiology 8
19 Professional Adjustment 1
20 General Science 1
21 Pharmacology I 1
22 Advancing Career Skills 10
23 History & Trends in Nursing 1
24 Palliative Care 2
Total 180

Post qualification outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, students will have the opportunity to be employed at Asiri Health as a general nurse, or work in a private sector hospital in Sri Lanka, should they wish to do so. The students will also be eligible to apply for the private sector nursing registration through the Private Health Services Regulatory Council (PHSRC). From an academic view point, many students who complete the course qualify to apply for a Bachelor of Nursing “top-up” degree.

General Vacancies

If you are keen on following the noble profession of Nursing you can apply for a general vacancy under this category. Simply write “Nursing: General Vacancy” at the top of your envelope.

The ideal candidate for a position in nursing should:

  • Have a credit pass in English and simple passes in Science and Mathematics at the GCE O/Level examinations
  • Be aged below 24 years
  • Be a minimum of 5 feet in height

Career path

We provide all our employees with advice and encouragement to plan their careers with Asiri Hospitals. At the end of every year each employee sits down with a supervisor to discuss what they need to do to achieve their career goals. All our promotions are based on competencies and merits. We also have specific succession plans that combine a regular promotion scheme based on service and a promotion scheme based on competencies.

Welfare Activities and Benefits

With many of our student nurses arriving in Colombo from remote areas of the country we understand their specific needs only too well. This is why we make every effort to help our people feel at home by introducing staff welfare and recreational activities.

  • Flexible work arrangements whenever possible
  • Subsidised accommodation
  • Subsidised meals
  • Counselling services (both internal and external)
  • Day-care facilities
  • Medical scheme for both OPD and in-patient medical treatments
  • Uniforms
  • Library facilities
  • Transport facilities to attend lectures and practical sessions

Employee Testimonials


I got myself registered at Asiri School of Nursing on the 18th of July, 1988 as a Student Nurse. At the end of 03 years, I graduated as a Junior Nurse and commenced work attached to Asiri Hospital Holdings PLC. Gradually I climbed up the nursing hierarchy and I’m grateful to Asiri Hospital for the exposure and for opportunities given to prove myself and to excel in work that I perform. Today, I proudly head the Nursing department and ensure that quality of nursing care is always maintained uncompromised.

Having commenced my career as a Nursing Student in 1987 with Asiri School of Nursing, I graduated 03 years later and was qualified to perform my duties in the capacity of a Junior Nurse.

I was entrusted with heading the Nursing Department of the latest addition to the Asiri Group of Hospitals, The Central Hospital. The foundation laid from Asiri School of Nursing and the vast exposure and experience I derived from Asiri Group of Hospitals at various capacities in the Nursing hierarchy, have given me confidence and assurance to execute the expected deliverables efficiently and effectively.

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