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When most people think of physiotherapy or rehabilitation they think of disabilities. The truth is that because of our sedentary lifestyles, we are more prone to injury and experience muscle or joint pains – the kind of ailments that our medical team at Asiri Physiotherapy are so well geared to assist you with.

Our team of healthcare professionals help people affected by injury, illness or disability by coaching them with regards to movement and exercise, and by providing them with manual therapy. They also offer you invaluable health education and advice aimed at preventing further injury and foster a more healthy and wholesome lifestyle.


At Asiri Physiotherapy we treat both out-patients and in-patients, with services provided daily from 7 am to 7pm at Asiri Central Hospital and 8am to 7 pm (Mon-Sat), 8am to 2pm (Sun) at Asiri Surgical Hospital. With your health as our foremost priority we offer you a range of physiotherapy services to meet your every need.


What sets us apart

Take a look at the facilities and services we offer to ensure that your stay with us is a restful, healthful experience. You’ll see that we really do offer you a better experience all round.

  • Special programmes for senior citizens, functional rehabilitation following illness /surgery /Cardiac by-pass surgery are available for Asiri patients.
  • Functional rehabilitation following illness/ surgery (Cardiac, Orthopedic and Neuro etc.)
  • Muscle strengthening and fitness programmes
  • One-on-one appointments with physiotherapists
  • Proper assessment of all patients before treatment and documentation of information
  • Well-trained and dedicated physiotherapists with Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) registration
  • Newly built Hydrotherapy unit at Central Hospital is the only one of its kind in Sri Lanka.


Our treatment and services

  • Electrotherapy - Interferential therapy, shortwave diathermy, ultre sound therapy, electrical stimulation, traction, infrared radiation, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.
  • Wax therapy (only available at Asiri Surgical Hospital)
  • Exercise therapy - Classical exercise therapy, soft tissue & spinal manipulations, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, neuro-development therepy, peripheral nerve stretching, joint mobilizations, ergonomics, massage, suspension therapy, isokinetic exerciser, cont. passive mover.
  • Hydrotherapy with warm water (only available at Asiri Central Hospital)
  • Visiting physiotherapists for in-ward patients 24 hours a day.
  • Mobilization and rehabilitation facilities for traumatic and orthopedic conditions, neurological conditions, rheumatologic conditions, pediatric conditions, geriatric conditions, cardio-respiratory conditions and musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.
  • Lung function tests (FEV Pre, FVC Post BD, FVC Post BC, SVC, MVV)
  • Physiotherapists at Asiri are also capable of handing physiotherapy requirements of children (e.g. children with Cerebral Palsy), Women (prenatal exercises, postnatal conditioning & pregnancy related conditions) and sportsmen / women (ligament injuries, cartilage tear, ankle sprain, muscular tear).

Introduction to Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a treatment modality which utilizes the properties of water to rehabilitate patients with a wide range of conditions.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy interventions 

  • Improve functionality
  • Improve aerobic capacity/endurance conditioning
  • Improve balance, coordination and agility
  • Improve body mechanics and postural stabilization
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve gait and locomotion
  • Improve relaxation
  • Reduces stiffness and improves ROM while diminishing pain.
  • Improve muscle strength, power, and endurance
  • Improve psychological status
  • Improve sleep

 How does hydrotherapy work?

The water's buoyancy and warm temperature create an environment that defies gravity, relaxes muscles and reduces swelling, allowing patients to do more than if they were on land. Eliminating gravity has its benefits in reducing pain and loading on the body. The reduced weight bearing means that we can place people in the water very early after surgery, thus avoiding the effects of muscle deconditioning. We can utilize the resistance and buoyancy with speed and floats to strengthening the weak muscles. 

 What Happens at Hydrotherapy Session?

Each person is individually assessed by qualified physiotherapist. A programme is specifically designed for your needs and efficient achievement of recovery targets. Exercise plans are recorded for future use and to see the improvement. After following every 6 sessions, you will be re-assessed and we can continue/alter/discharge you accordingly. Every visits rehabilitation specialist guides you to follow the treatment programme. We closely monitor each patient’s exercise programme and it will be gradually progressed accordingly by using sound rehabilitation techniques. 

A pool session may last from 30 minutes to one hour depending on your condition. Land exercises and manual or hands-on therapy may also be prescribed in a patient's plan of treatment.

Patients do not have to know how to swim to participate in hydrotherapy sessions. Each session is individually designed to meet the patient's needs and utilizes different equipment depending upon the nature of the condition.

Patients who are not injured and do not need physiotherapy can also benefit from hydrotherapy to maintain a healthy life status.


Treatment sessions generally run for 45 minutes. Being in warm water longer than this can affect the kidneys and heart, and we ask you to notify your health practitioner that you are undertaking hydrotherapy. Pregnant women should not enter a heated pool due to possible negative effects. Open wounds must be dressed with waterproof dressings, and diabetics are advised to have plenty of fluids and food on hand.

You can attend on a regular or casual basis but remember that bookings are essential. Group sessions are available on request.

About the Therapeutic Pool


75 by 25 foot therapeutic pool at the Central Hospital is specially designed for people with disabilities.

Features include:

  • Hydraulic lift
  • Stairs with rails
  • Accessible locker rooms and showers


Pay for ten  (10) sessions get one(01) free 


Aquatic therapy is available at The Central Hospital

Convenient Hours

Follow-up care is a key part of your treatment and safety. Be sure to make and go to all appointments, and call your Physiotherapist if you are having problems. 

Information:  Chief Physiotherapist (Tel: +94714906020)

Physiotherapy Hotline:  Asiri Surgical Hospital (Tel: +94775242911)

Inquiries: physio@asiri.lk

Appointments: +94114665330


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