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Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Our F&B department is a further value add to the services we provide to all our patients. The entire food process adheres to HACCP principles, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and other applicable regulatory requirements.

All our patients' dietary requirements are met as advised by our physicians and dietitians only.

Food & Beverage Department consist with four divisions; Food Production, Food & Beverages Serving, Kitchen Stewarding (Cleaning) and Kitchen Administration Unit.

Freshness and Flavour

  • We Strives to offer Fresh, Healthy and Hygienically safe delightful meals for our valued customers in a healthcare setting.
  • Our kitchens achieve superior freshness and taste in all our meals by combining the best available ingredients with our modern culinary facilities and professional team that adheres to all industrial standard.
  • The production floor and menus are developed with deep understanding of patient's nutritional needs, clinical requirements, tests and more recently, cultural and religious requirements in their meals.
  • We understand the need for variety, for excellence in delivery and presentation of star classes Hotel - style meals, and for systems that can respond to changing demands.

What sets us apart

  • 24 hours In-room dinning services for all our patients and their guardians.
  • Varieties of Dietary menus and meal choices for patients.
  • A La Carte menus with different cuisine around the world for patient's guardians and visitors.
  • Personalize, friendly, efficient and professional services.
  • Special orders are accepted and delivered to your bed side and many more.