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Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

I got myself registered at Asiri School of Nursing on the 18th of July, 1988 as a Student Nurse. At the end of 03 years, I graduated as a Junior Nurse and commenced work attached to Asiri Hospital Holdings PLC. Gradually I climbed up the nursing hierarchy and I’m grateful to Asiri Hospital for the exposure and for opportunities given to prove myself and to excel in work that I perform. Today, I proudly head the Nursing department and ensure that quality of nursing care is always maintained uncompromised.


Having commenced my career as a Nursing Student in 1987 with Asiri School of Nursing, I graduated 03 years later and was qualified to perform my duties in the capacity of a Junior Nurse.

I was entrusted with heading the Nursing Department of the latest addition to the Asiri Group of Hospitals, The Central Hospital. The foundation laid from Asiri School of Nursing and the vast exposure and experience I derived from Asiri Group of Hospitals at various capacities in the Nursing hierarchy, have given me confidence and assurance to execute the expected deliverables efficiently and effectively.