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Flash your best smile


Confidence never looked better!

Your smile is always a key feature in your personality. A confident smile projects an assured, winning personality.

So how do you ensure your smile is always as fabulous as you are? You take really good care of your teeth of course. Good oral hygiene, routine dental checks and necessary dental work are all part of the course.


COSMETIC DENTISTRY usually refers to dental work that improves the appearance of teeth and gums, while not necessarily the functionality. Focus is primarily on improving dental aesthetics in colour, position, shape, size, alignment and overall smile. What you see in a smile is a ratio of pink to white, this is what your eyes play with and this is what is perceived as a beautiful smile. Understanding and addressing just the right aspects is what will help bring out the real beauty in your smile. The Dental Surgery at Asiri Surgical Hospital have helped many who will bear testament to this with their bright smiles.

Cosmetic procedures available at Dental Surgery, Asiri Surgical Hospital

  • Scaling and polishing (better known as a clean-up)
  • Whitening and bleaching
  • Dental veneers
  • Reshaping teeth
  • Orthodontic treatment (braces)
  • Gum contouring surgeries
  • Replacement of old restorations (like crowns done years ago, but may have changed colour).
  • Corrective jaw surgery (done on adults where space is an issue or large skeletal differences)
  • Dental implants

What are Dental implants?

People lose teeth for a variety of reasons. One is gum disease where the tooth gets loose and comes out; another is tooth decay. Over the years we’ve seen an evolution in ways of replacing teeth, the oldest being dentures. They’re a little bulky in the mouth and are pretty much a foreign object. Then, we moved to crowns and bridges, but, over time, patients have sought something more permanent, which led to implants. Today, this is the in-thing for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are basically replacement tooth roots and are made to match your natural teeth. It requires expertise in planning, surgery and tooth restoration.

The dental implant procedure

Your first order of business would be to have a chat with a dental surgeon. He will conduct a thorough clinical examination, considering your medical history, looking for any red flags (history of gum disease, smoking, etc.). He will also make an assessment of the space available.

After the clinical examination, a few radiographs will be taken to determine various aspects like height of the tooth, bone density, etc. Selection for implants is done on a case by case basis, as not all implants will be successful if the conditions are not right. For example, the chances of an implant done in someone who smokes may not be very successful given his or her history. In the event a patient is not suitable for an implant, the surgeon will suggest suitable options.

There are two steps in dental implant surgeries.

Step 1: You’re given local anaesthesia and the implant is placed inside. You have to let this implant fuse with the bone, ensuring you don’t put pressure on it for a couple of months or as recommended by the surgeon. You may be asked to avoid eating on that side, for example.

Step 2: After a couple of months you repeat the radiographs to ensure implants are perfect and to start the prosthetic procedure to put on the final crown.

Pristine oral hygiene is paramount to ensure the success of the implant. The surgeon will provide all the information required, but you need to put in the work. Do it for those pearly whites!

The pros of dental implants

Improved appearance. Unlike dentures, implants look and feel like your own teeth. And as they’re fused with your bones, they become permanent.

Better speech. You never have to worry about your teeth slipping mid-conversation.

Easier to eat. Since dental implants function like your own teeth, you can eat without pain or worry about how you look when you’re chowing down on your favourite dish.

Improved self-confidence. Adults can easily slip into low self-esteem due to their smile. You may tend not to participate in activities and not be forward. But, an implant will give you back your smile and help you feel great about yourself.

Other dental procedures available at Asiri Hospital

  • Diagnosing of your dental problems. Finding out what’s wrong
  • Tooth and root canal fillings (Teeth that are decayed and you will require a regular filling. If the decay goes up to the light part of the tooth requires nerve filling)
  • Simple and complicated tooth extraction
  • Crown and bridge
  • Dentures
  • Wisdom tooth surgery. It’s a common problem everyone faces in their twenties

Dentistry at Asiri

The dental unit at Asiri Surgical Hospital is highly dedicated and efficient, offering a personal experience only found here. If more undiagnosed problems are stumbled on during your trip to the dentist, you will be advised on the issues at hand. Solutions will be offered, but it will always be dealt with based on priority, which is the patient’s choice. Your needs will be prioritised.

Asiri also uses its community service programmes to build awareness and educate people on how best to maintain their teeth. For example, their free anti-natal programme includes a segment on dentistry. Problems in the gums tend to happen during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Mothers-to-be are made aware of this and educated on how best to care for their teeth.

Knowing you have solutions and where to get them will help you rock with confidence… and you deserve nothing less. So let those pearly whites out and smile!

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