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Asiri AOI Cancer Care Centre’s Advanced Treatment Modalities Offer Hope and Restore Lives

Ranked among the top ten leading causes of death globally, cancer is perhaps the most researched disease in the world with science and technology set on course towards an age of optimism inching closer to a cure.

Launched in collaboration with American Oncology Institute (AOI), the flagship international center of the US-based Cancer Treatment Services International (CTSI), the Asiri AOI comprehensive cancer care centre, is dedicated to offering patients the absolute best treatment modalities through the latest technology available globally.

The Asiri AOI Cancer Centre, Sri Lanka’s most complete and advanced cancer treatment unit, understands the need to provide the full range of medical and support services, best-in-class treatment protocols, advanced technologies and a compassionate approach.

Despite cancer being a life changing diagnosis, Asiri AOI harnesses the power of science and advanced technology to bring renewed hope to patients. The Centre’s radiation programme using Sri Lanka’s most advanced, state-of-the-art linear accelerator technology, ensures patients can now receive the optimum dose of treatment enhancing effectiveness while protecting critical structures.

The availability of the TrueBeam STX linear accelerator, the latest in advanced radiosurgery technology at the Asiri AOI Cancer Centre is a game-changer in the nation’s cancer care. The TrueBeam STX delivers dose rates twice faster than other machines, offers unparalleled accuracy, speed and precision, minimizing the impact on patients’ quality of life.

Coupled with this cancer-fighting technology, the Centre can with ease fuse diagnostic images from other machines such as the PET/CT, CT simulation, etc. assuring greater accuracy in treatment modalities. The centre’s MRI system and Gamma Camera contribute towards it arsenal of insightful technology.

Prior to administering the comprehensive and personalized treatment, patients at Asiri AOI undergo an accurate and thorough diagnosis and checkup. AOI’s centralized treatment planning unit in Hyderabad in consultation with Asiri AOI medical specialists, prescribe the applicable doses.

“We do not treat the patient immediately after the plan is approved, we first treat a dummy. The dose distribution and the plan distribution is matched. More than 90% should be matched before the patient is treated. This is conducted by a physicist and quality assurance tested,” noted Dr. Shama Goonatillake, Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Asiri AOI.

Asiri AOI is the only centre in the country that follows such collaborative protocols. Dr. Shama added, “We monitor everything. The patient visits the centre, daily, prior to treatment and our competent team of nursing staff takes note of his or her vital signs, weight, pulse, blood pressure, body weight, fatigue, etc. These are all measured and monitored. We assess everything. If there are noticeable changes the doses have to be changed. This does not happen anywhere else - even in the private sector.”

Following these unique stringent processes prior to treatment, allows Asiri AOI cancer patients to receive precise radiation therapy treatment and the best possible care.

In delivering more accurate and efficient radiation treatments, Asiri AOI also provides patients with a robotic couch. Offering corrections with six degrees of freedom, with the couch, patient positioning can be rectified in all directions to ensure precise dose delivery to the target area. This increases the ability to optimize dosage while sparing the surrounding healthy tissue.

In its mission to deliver quality cancer care, Asiri AOI also promotes ‘informed consent’; a crucial step in cancer patient education. Prior to treatment, the consultant in charge undertakes the responsibility to educate the patient on the procedures, the risks and benefits, and obtains their consent, while continuing to keep them informed.

As another modality, Asiri AOI practices the ability to discuss complex cases with an online International Tumour Board. Expert doctors from multiple disciplines can review these cancer cases together and arrive at the appropriate treatment modality.

Driven by a unique model and goal to provide exceptional care, the Asiri AOI Cancer Centre offers in addition to Radiation Oncology, Surgical and Medical oncology, Diagnostics, Chemotherapy and Palliative Care.

Asiri AOI understands that every cancer is as unique as the person fighting it. The centre’s multi-disciplinary care team including experienced and talented cancer specialists, supported by competent nursing staff, physicists and other members ensure superior clinical excellence, comprehensive, personalized care working collaboratively, dedicated to treating patients.