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Keyhole Surgery (MICS) - The new alternative to a foot long open chest surgery


What is MICS? 

MICS is minimally invasive cardiac surgery. The heart is accessed through a small incision is made under the left breast instead of through the breast bone.


What are the advantages compared to normal CABG

  • smaller incision
  • excellent cosmesis
  • early recovery
  • less pain
  • no wound or bone infection


How long does the surgical procedure take?

Depends on the number of grafts, 1-2 grafts can take 3-4 hours, further grafts can take up to 4-5hrs


Is MICS (Keyhole Surgery) suitable for a diabetic patient?

Yes MICS is ideal for a diabetic as infection rates are almost eliminated. The quality of the vessels will determine if the patient is suitable.


Is MICS suitable for an asthmatic patient or smoker?

Yes it could be ideal for the above patients but we need to check a blood gas and refer the patient to a respiratory specialist and decide.


Which patients are not suitable for MICS?

Patients with extensive disease, poor heart function, unstable, over 80 and patients with severe PVD are unsuitable.


What is the recovery period compared to normal CABG ?

Traditional CABG recovery is 6 weeks, MICS is about 2 weeks. 2 days after surgery patients can walk and climb stairs. Can return home 5 days after surgery, and can get back to normal heavy duty work.