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Asiri in the News

‘Asiri Heart Day’ strengthens bond with its patients

8 March 2016, Colombo: In an initiative to add ‘life to years’, Asiri Health recently celebrated ‘Asiri Heart Day’ amongst a well-respected group of Doctors of the hospital and a cross section of past patients who received treatment under their care.

The main idea of the event was to establish a good relationship between patients and the hospital as aftercare is of utmost importance. The panel of doctors, which included Dietitians, Physicians, Surgeons, Cardiologists and Psychologists, were also able to share their thoughts and ideas on the importance of looking after ones health after surgery and on how to improve the quality of life and practice good health habits in order to reap the benefits of the second chance of life they received.

‘Asiri Heart’ commenced its operations in 2009 and has performed over 2500 successful heart cases. It has also been recognized as a Centre of excellence for ‘heart care’ in the country.