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Urology Unit

Urology Unit

Problems with your urinary system may range from mild infections to major life threatening disease. This is because your renal system which comprises of kidneys, ureters and bladder with the urinary passage, are responsible for vital functions such as removing waste products from your body, and controlling blood pressure and volume. When the kidneys don’t function smoothly, the affected person may need long-term treatment such as dialysis or even renal transplant surgery.

When you have been referred to a urologist you want to be assured of a professional and dedicated service. You also want to be assured that your health is a priority for your healthcare provider. At Asiri Urology we provide this assurance – not simply because our medical teams are some of the best in the region but because we have experience in providing all our patients with the kind of holistic medical care that such patients need.

What sets us apart

  • Ours is a one stop centre for minor urology procedures and investigations
  • We have a resident consultant Genitourinary Surgeon
  • There is support from a medical team experienced in Genitourinary care
  • Leading consultant urological surgeons are available when needed
  • We offer Urology education programmes to guide patients on any issue
  • We run a free clinic with the Resident Urologist twice a month
  • Our 24-hour hotline is answered by a specialist

How we manage your urological surgery

  • At Asiri we educate you on the procedure or surgery we recommend, and discuss the expenditure prior to treatment.
  • We co-ordinate admission, surgery and discharge, and a dedicated team follows up with patients to provide post-operative advice and guidance in the recovery period.
  • A well-trained team of theatre and ward nursing staff is on hand to take care of the patients
  • We use minimal access techniques available resulting in less pain, quicker recovery, shorter hospital stay and less cost. This ensures less complications and a better outcome than open surgery

Our up-to-date treatment and services

  • Specialist centre for flexible cystoscopy, catheterization, bladder scanning
  • Check up for kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, resulting in early diagnosis
  • Technologically advanced investigation facilities including CT scan, MRI scan, Urodynamic testing
  • Up-to-date Urological Surgery offering minimal access techniques with very small incision

Asiri Urology is also equipped with one of the best state-of-the-art dedicated kidney transplant units in the country. We follow strict international guidelines (such as JCI) and other health standards. We also provide a dedicated dialysis unit for both out-patients and in-ward patients.

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