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Oncology Unit

Oncology Unit

Despite growing awareness of possible causes and symptoms, cancer is a disease that has seen increased prevalence in recent decades. It is a medical condition in which abnormal cells in a specific part of the body grow and reproduce uncontrollably. Often this condition goes unnoticed with patients choosing to ignore the early warning signs. But when cancer is high on the cards time is of the essence. The cancerous cells are able to aggressively invade and destroy surrounding healthy tissues and organs. This is why at Asiri Oncology we don’t take any chances when there is even the slightest suspicion.

Being the only private sector hospital to have a dedicated ward for chemotherapy, we provide you with the entire range of treatments you need under one roof. We have first-hand experience of how devastating it can be for the entire family when a loved one is diagnosed with this disease. For this reason we strive to make your experience at Oncology unit a comfortable and a safe one as much as possible.

Asiri Oncology is equipped with the best medical equipment and technology to deal with this silent killer. Our team of medical experts and nurses lead the field in terms of experience and qualifications. More importantly they are dedicated to helping you and your family through the difficult period of ill-health, doing their very best to guide you back to a happier and more healthy lifestyle.

What sets us apart

Take a look at the facilities and services we offer to ensure that your stay with us is a restful, healthful experience. You’ll see that we really do offer you a better experience all round.

  • We offer you the services of the best visiting consultants in the country
  • Our services are affordable
  • We are the only private sector hospital to own a PET scanner
  • We offer MRI and CT scans
  • Our nursing staff is specially trained in oncology
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