Asiri Centre for Neurosciences

Brain and Spine Centre

The incidents of Neurological health concerns such as Stroke, Brain Tumours, etc. are increasing in Sri Lanka and around the world too. These problems can be life threatening or result in a lasting disability and loss of quality of life. Many of these devastating problems can be successfully treated now providing they can be rapidly diagnosed and treated.

Asiri Brain and Spine Centre is a world class facility with state-of-the art equipment and medical expertise. It is the first in Sri Lanka to have all facilities under one roof. We have the best Consultant Neuro surgeons, Neurologists, Specialist Stroke Physicians and Interventional Neuro Radiologists. All treatments are given with a multi-disciplinary approach so that the best complete treatment is made available to all our patients with the highest clinical standards and clinical safety.

How our Brain and Spine Centre Operates

The Brain and Spine Centre comprises the neuro-catheterisation lab, the neuro-ward, ICU and operating theatre.

The Neuro-Ward, ICU and theatre function together to provide the following services:

  • Pre- admission evaluation unit where the evaluation & clerking of patients prior to their admission into the wards occurs.
  • Neuro-wards are responsible for managing the pre-operation, post-operation and rehabilitative care of all neuro-related patients. The neuro-operating theatre receives patients who have been prepared for surgery. After the surgery is performed and the patient has recovered, they are transferred to either the ICU or the ward.
  • Neuro- ICU is responsible for receiving and caring for patients from the operating theater (post-operation), and the accident and emergency department or ward. Once stable, the patients are transferred to the ward.

Available Treatments

  • Neuro Surgery for all Brain, spinal and nerve problems


Asiri Central Brain and Spine Centre